opScan is the marine propeller inspection system that enable propellers to be re manufactured, repaired and modified to extreme levels of accuracy. Inaccuracies in pitch, camber and section shape, which are important to a propeller's performance, is undetectable to the naked eye. The inaccuracies are detected through PropScan  and provide Wolverine Propeller the data necessary to minimize vibration and slippage from the propeller.


  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Elimination of propeller induced vibration.
  • Enable synchronization of multiple engines
  • Ensures repeatable results
  • Match propeller sets to ISO-484/2 standards
Our Objectives:

To increase the performance of your boat, eliminate propeller problems and make your boating experience even better...

We are using tried and established technology, as used by the U.S., Canadian and Australian Navies. We have the training, we know propellers and we understand them. Our world leading equipment is state of the art.

We are the leaders!
We produce results - ask someone who has had a propeller repaired by us.

Next time you go to get your propeller repaired, ask: "Do you have a PropScan

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