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60’ Buddy Davis
I was astounded in the speed gain after the PropScan ® Overhaul! Before I was turning 2250 RPMs and making 24.7 Knots. After Prop Scan Turning 2250 RPMs but now doing 28 Knots! The speed gain was incredible but the lack of vibration at all speeds was just as impressive.

60’ Bertram
You hit the RPMs right on the head; we gained 1 knot at top end and 2 knots at cruise. We have decreased fuel consumption, but I was surprised how smooth the boat was.

70’ Queenship
“All three objectives have been met, noticeable fuel efficiency, plus 1 ½ knot increase in speed, and total smoothness! All this in fresh water as apposed to speeds in salt water! You guys get an “Attaboy!”

352 Silverton
At a cruising RPM, speed was up 3 mph, and no vibration at any speed. Please pass on my thanks to everyone on your team!

40’ Tiara
I want to thank you for the great job you did on my props. She now runs with no vibration, the smoke haze is gone and we smoothly reached a top speed of thirty knots. We love our boat again!

3270 Bayliner
After Prop Scan we picked up speed better fuel efficiency and the boar runs smoother than it ever did. Best money I ever spent on the boat! Thanks!

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