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To: "Wolverine Propeller"
From: "Bruce Cummings"


I came up to see you a couple of months ago on a Saturday (after a big rain flooded your shop the day before) to replace the 14-20 four blade Mercruiser props the previous owner installed on my 1987 270 Amberjack with twin 205 hp Alpha One V6s.  As you may recall my complaint about these props was the boat was running at or below the WOT range and the they ventilated with a minimal amount of up trim on the drives.  I finally got the boat in the water last Thursday and just wanted to let you know that the 14.5-19 Michigan Wheel three blades you sold me are a breath of fresh air!  I picked up 5 mph at WOT (41 mph vs. 36 mph), the boat no longer labors to get on plane, and I can trim the drives without encountering any ventilation.  I threw the boat into a pretty sharp turn akin to what I used to do with my old 19.5 foot cuddy and they didn’t even blink!  I’m going to play with them this summer to see what my max WOT is, max I saw last Thursday was around 4600 rpm (range is 4400-4800).  My girlfriend’s brother-in-law thinks I can get another 100 rpm out of them if I trim the drives up more.  We’ll see what happens, I may bring them in in the fall to have you tweak them. 

Just wanted to say thanks, the new props are a great improvement!


To: "Wolverine Propeller"
From: "Frank J. Smychynsky"


I just wanted to let you know that I put those props you repitched for
me on my 46 Sundancer and it runs great!  Smooth as butter and full 2600 WOT
RPM's on both engines.  Thanks for passing those off to me on a Sunday.  (we
met down at Colony on 9 mile).  I am using the ones I took off as spares but
will bring those in the fall so you can fine tune them over the winter so
they will be tuned again, too.

Take care.  Great work as always!

Frank J. Smychynsky

To: "Frank J." Smychynsky
From: "Wolverine Propeller"


I'm working on the second prop right now. Will know better later today.
Working thru weekend to make sure done for you. Thank You for your patience.


To: "Wolverine Propeller"
From: "Frank J. Smychynsky"

Ron and Brian,

I'm just checking to see if my props were done.  When I
dropped them off about a month ago you said they would be done around the
end of the month.  So I called on Tuesday and talked to Brian because I felt
we were passed that timeframe.  Then I had asked to have them done by Friday
(yesterday).  Brian called me again on Thursday to verify the size because I
needed you to change the pitch on those to the same pitch you used 3 years
ago on the set I have on the boat now.

I just want to know if they are done and can I come pick them up today.

Ron, I know you haven't felt well this week and you guys are probably behind
but the marina had scheduled to put my boat in this week and I need to swap
those out before I splash it.  Any ETA for me?


Frank Smychynsky

Subject: RE: I Can't Believe It
From:    "Doug Scroggins"
To:      "'Ronald Jacobs'" <>


The results were awesome; I wrote you the first note so that you can use it
in the Scuttle magazine if you wish and get some great advertisement for
Wolverine Propeller Lincoln Park!!!


Douglas Scroggins, CFE
The Bearclaw Coffee Co.
Please Visit: www.

From: Ronald Jacobs
To: Doug Scroggins
Subject: Re: I Can't Believe It

Thank You for the feedback but I have to admit I expected a positive
result.I believe in this system and hasn't disproved these kind of
results.Enjoy your NEW vessel.....Thanks Again, Ron

Glad we had the chance to improve on your vessel.


> I can't believe it!
> I was told by the owner of Wolverine Propeller in Lincoln Park Michigan
> that he did prop scan to his boat and increased his fuel consumption and speed
> and that I would too;   "YEA RIGHT"
> Well let me tell you something,
> I own a 1984 43' Wellcraft Californian trawler with twin 454's that weighs
> 40k plus when wet and loaded down with food and beer. I moor in South
> Haven Michigan and play on Lake Michigan as much as possible. This weekend
> (Memorial Day) we took the "Triple D" to the port of New Buffalo, 45 miles
> and flat seas. The fastest speeds the "Triple D" has ever seen on a good
> day was 17MPH unless you caught a wave and surfed then she may hit 19 MPH > with finely tuned "Big Blocks" but yesterday it was a truly different story;
> the "Triple D" cruised at 2800 RPM doing 15MPH and topped out W.O.T. at > > > 22MPH with both of my of my GPS's as my witnesses!
> Not only that but I used less fuel than ever on this trip.    
> Doug-n-Debi
> "Triple D"
> Douglas Scroggins, CFE
> The Bearclaw Coffee Co.

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